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1/2-2008 - Back from Singapore

   Software and Source Code
All software, source code and programming libraries below are supplied free of charge. You can use it for whatever you see fit, including integration it into other applications, changing it to fit your needs, or distributing it to other people. You do NOT have to mention me or redistribute any copyright or license notice (I will of course be glad if you mention me as the author - but you are not obligated to). If you are looking for Streamspin related software please visit Stremspin.com

EC2 .Net library

A .Net library encapsulating the Amazon EC2 web service interface. The library allows you to easily get available images and running instances, start new instances and terminate instances without dealing with the Amazon interface. An encapsulation of the security functionality means that you only need to supply your two AWS access keys. Look in the documentation for the EC2 class for a example on how to use the system.
You can download the DLL encapsulating the functionality here:
A complete API description for the library can be seen here:
Library documentation
You can download the the complete source for the library here:
Source code
The source code for a windows application using the library can be found here - your must change the two values in the app.config file to reflect your keys (note that the secret key will never be send only used for signing):
Example usage

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